Planet Explorers

Planet Explorers was the Adler’s first gallery for families with young children. It is focused on immersive environments, play-based learning and hands on interaction.
Young explorers are asked the question: “What do you need to live?” as they begin their adventure in the backyard, with stars overhead and dirt to dig in under their feet. Then on to Mission Control where they can control rovers or launch a rocket. Then up into the Rocket to blast off themselves and dock with the space station, where they can see how astronauts sleep, what they eat and what they wear. Finally, they can land on Planet X, where they can build their new home and discover if Planet X can support life!
Planet Explorers includes lots of large motor skills areas, digital interactives and areas for story-time, parent-child learning and craft activities in order to meet the learning needs of all kinds of families.

  • Role Experience Design Lead
  • For Adler Planetarium